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Burial - "Untrue"










Three years after its release it's fair to say this album will forever stick to my mind. I've heard people countering the Burial hype stating this was all done decades ago by Cabaret Voltaire, but statements like that can't convince me. When I listen to Burial I hear quite a unique sound. Influenced by older electronica maybe, but firmly embedded in its own time. My time. I don't know of any other record as comforting and haunting at the same time. Burial is bliss.

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Antony & The Johnsons - "I Am A Bird Now"

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If I am truly honest, and I intend to be on this blog, then I must say 'I am a bird now' is one of the very few records that moved me during the last decade. As doubting Antony is his sexuality as firm he damn does know how to sing. I played and play "I am a bird now" on and on and never ever got and get tired of it. When you're down Antony is soothing. When you're bored he's entertaining. When you're undistinctly sad he's comforting. Don't just buy this record. Listen to it, too. And I mean real listening. And be convinced that authenticity still is the basis for great art after all.

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