Dave Brubeck - "Jazz Impressions of Japan"

album cover
Dave in 1954

To be honest I don't know an awful lot about jazz. I can tell Ella Fitzgerald from Chet Baker alright, but that's about it. I ain't particularly fond of "messy" jazz and I ain't particularly fond of Eastern culture, and "Jazz Impressions" is all that. Only thing I know is that when I first put on this gem it felt like an instant hit, a charm no doubt helped by the fact I own that kind of thick vinyl copy that won't even break when run over by a truck. allmusic.com argues "Jazz Impressions of Japan is one of the great forgotten Brubeck records", that uses Japanese folk melodies as a basis, and I'm willing to believe all that, but as I don't know much about jazz, for me it's just a great morning record, ideal to listen to when you get up on a sunny winter Sunday, pour yourself a cup of coffee and watch the sunrays clash your window.

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aangenaam Slechts 1 bericht ver, en toch zet ik je al bij m'n favorieten. Ben evenmin thuis in jazz, maar ga deze toch wel eens opzoeken.

Gepost door: marc | 07-11-06

Merci Merci hoor. Kom vlug terug!

Gepost door: M. Zelf | 08-11-06

ha! ...het is de eilandman, alweer, goeie blogs heb jij

Gepost door: marc | 08-11-06

xxx.... Welkom in blogland groetjes Marc

Gepost door: Cadillacman | 11-11-06

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