the Velvet Underground - "Live at Max's Kansas City"

Velvet Underground album cover
Velvet Underground

Rather sloppily recorded, this record is more regarded as fun for hungry fans than a masterpiece in its own way. Still, and together with "Songs for Drella", I esteem it some of the best things to emerge from Lou Reed's talent, not in the least because of the intimate atmosphere of the club where it was recorded in. The album is told to be Lou Reed's last performance with the Velvet Underground and whether or not a diehard fan already hears the upcoming split in the music, the record succeeds in producing that lo-fi soulpop sound that seems easy to play, but in reality is so damn hard to find just anywhere. "We don't do Heroine anymore", Reed responds to the audience halfway the gig. But all the rest is right there as it should be. Whoever Max might have been, I'm jealous.

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