Talking Heads - "Fear Of Music"

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Although a superb album, the title isn't entirely absurd. This stunning Talking Heads record is unlikely to obtain instant attraction on early eighties' pop lovers (note: the record emerged in 1979), but it is equally unlikely to leave any genuinely interested music lover in search of "the next hot thing in music land", unmoved. Both sound and text are frightening at times, and the atmosphere is one of a British archeologist at the verge of doing yet another enthralling discovery in one or another Egyptian subterranean. The list of artists admitting they have been influenced by Talking Heads keeps on growing every day. No wonder.

/Dedicated to Marc/

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... This is my all time favourit, darling.

Gepost door: McZP | 09-12-06

i knew that "you know i knew that. yes i did." (the devlins)

Gepost door: Blg. EM | 10-12-06

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