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Whereas his brother Luka Bloom has undeniably taken Irish music to a universal level, Christy has remained a folk man, condemned to be insulated by the very nature of his songs. It's a sad fact that Ireland hails Christy more than it does his brother Barry, but it's history repeating for an island leading the world competition of ignoring its national heroes at the right time. John Millington Synge's masterpieces were booed out of Dublin theatres; Oscar Wilde was wise enough to search for praise and respect elsewhere. OK, times have changed, but still. Anyway this instinctive sympathy of mine for the underdog shouldn't necessarily mean I esteem Christy Moore less of an artist, and I'm happy it doesn't. But he's more and he's different: he's a cabaretier and a craftsman foremost. This makes "Ride On" a collection of real folk gems, illustrating that a single man and his guitar still stand the test of time. Largely.

/Dedicated to my brother/

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