Voodoo Child - "The End of Everything"

Voodoo Child album cover
Moby picture

What wrongs could there possibly be said about this album? None cuz oh my God, what a gem. It came out of the blue for me - i didn't even know of a Moby aka until I ... well, heard it. It is one of the rare records without a single bad song on it. The only lesser thing about Voodoo Child is the name, which is a bit of a sloppy cheap pseudonym if you ask me. But it's divine electronic music for -so called dancefloor and couch- for weddings and for funerals, for crying and laughing games. It's godlike. Whoever is more attracted to Moby's melodies and not so much to his vocals, rythms or guitars, is bound to become a dedicate follower of fas... erghm - Voodoo Child.

/Dedicated to Miguel/

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