Pavement - "Westing by Musket & Sextant"

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I wonder why I like this album so much because it's so hopelessly messy and sloppy. I guess it is because it is so charmingly messy and sloppy. It's not exactly a band I would strive to own their entire discography, and if critics are gods I certainly bought one of their worst albums. I should have bought “Slanted and Enchanted”, and I might do just that one fine day, but meanwhile I’m contented with this sampler of low-fidelity, gathering early singles with little consistence except for the fact that they make a lot of noise. Pavement’s frontman Stephan Malkmus has often worked with members of Sonic Youth and this on itself may be regarded as a reference and proof of a quality of some sort. The album stores over twenty tracks, nearly all of them under 3 minutes and a lot even under two minutes. It's hard to describe the subgenre you have to file them under, precisely because Malkmus invented the genre itself. You should give it a try if you’re fond of Ultra Vivid Scene and other lo-fi stuff, but hoped this stuff would sound a little less melancholy most of it's time.

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Pavement rules. Fijne blog.

Gepost door: LucV | 19-11-06

merci merci luc. come again soon.

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