Verve - "A Storm in Heaven"

Verve album cover
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Yeah, we all know them from the majestic Bittersweet Symphony, but there was a splendid episode before that called just "Verve", without the article, that is. "Storm" doesn't have the fullness nor the delicacy or the depth of "Urban Hymns", but then again "Hymns" doesn't store that charming shoegazing rebellious "to hell with ya f*ing musical rules" attitude. "A Storm in Heaven" could mean for adolescents what Goethe's "The Sorrows of young Werther" meant for them in literature, so watch what you're doing, kids, cuz it's only rock 'n' roll. If you like "A Storm in Heaven" you must definitely check out Steve Hillage's "Fish Rising". Yeah, I did.

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