Townes Van Zandt - "Live & Obscure"


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I cannot help to compare Townes to JJ Cale, not so much in style of course but in personality and in the way of (not) dealing with the music bizz. Townes can easily account for being the most shy singer songwriter that ever moved so many ears and obtained so much acclaim. I saw him performing once on a free (!) festival, making excuses all the time and minimalizing the fine trivial reasons for which every one of his superb Texan blues songs was written. He seemed to be sorry that he had fallen and could still fall in love, sorry to ever have been able to be angry with anyone, but when the time was right Townes always went to his Rockies' chalet every year with his donkey Pancho, to fuse that charming timidity of his in a Nick Drakian way into another album that would easily compete with Johnny Cash's best work. Was, was, was. Because the finest of country singers is no more. (Tom, if you read this, it's me. I hope you're doing fine).

/Dedicated to Tom/

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