Morning Runner - "Wilderness Is Paradise Now"

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Best 2006 album if you ask me. And finally a British album that does not sound like The Clash, Bloc Party or Franz Ferdinand. "Burning Benches" can even compete for best ballad of the decade, and I'm not kidding. Catchy and melancholic, Morning Runner starts where the likes of Coldplay, Elbow and Starsailor start, but they take the piece to their own and distinct level. The power and energy is meant to strengthen the tracks, not to hide the weaknesses, 'cuz there ain't any. I remember I was hesitating to buy it in the record shop Spring 2006, because it wasn't exactly love at first sight. But thank God I made the right choice. "It's Not Like Everyone's My Friend". But Morning Runner sure is.

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free tracks hi there, there are two live tracks for free to download from the band's official website! check them out!

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