Jesus & Mary Chain - "Psychocandy"


Psychocandy album cover

"Psychocandy" is the perfectly evident title for the first album of the first band that managed to fuse sweet candy pop melodies in a distorted psychic way. I first heard the record when I was in my late teens, visiting the least awkward and disgusting chap of the bunch of sell-out techno loving soccer team members I had to cope with every Wednesday and Sunday morning, solely out of love for the soccer game itself, please note. I remember clearly he had a messy room with LP's lying all over the place and an old grammophone player on top of it. I was taken ablast by the album, we listened to it together from the first note till the last without saying a word. I hopped on my bike to the nearest shop to get a K7 tape (as I grew up in a remote village without decent record shops) and got back to the house of this less and less awkward and disgusting soccer chap to tape the vinyl gem. Boy what a day that was. I played it often since, and always played it loud. As anyone should.

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