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Dido Florian Cloud De Bounevialle Armstrong was born on the 25th of December and you can hear (and see...) that she's an angel. She seems to have had her share of the fin-de-siècle allright and created one of the truly most splendid pop albums of the new millennium with it up till now. Her seven year relationship ended and her father died and understandably she put her "life for rent" for a while. Daughter of an Irish publisher and a French poet mother she fuses the best of Romanic and Germanic culture and you must be deaf if you don't hear this unique richness. She has the most gorgeous of voices you will ever stumble upon and it was written in the stars that she wouldn't forever just accompany her brother Rollo on his tours with Faithless, but make something distinctively of her own. This album will stand the test of time. Just watch it.

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Eindelijk eens iemand die gewoon recht voor de radijs toegeeft dat hij Dido leuk vindt. Eens je airplay krijgt in elk pompstation en elke supermarkt lijkt het me toch weer net iets moeilijker om serieus genomen te worden. But who cares?

Of zoals broertje Rollo het eens liet verwoorden met z'n OT Quartet : You Gotta Hold That Sucker Down.

Gepost door: Hidal Goes Camping | 01-12-06

getverderrie hidal, veel kampeerplezier en bedankt om hier es te komen bivakkeren. getverderrie, merci, zit rollo in ot quartet? dat wist ik dan weer niet. ze hebben een geweldig nummer, weet ik , is dat hold that sucker down of is het nog een ander?

Gepost door: eilandman | 02-12-06

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