The Wonder Stuff - "The Eight Legged Groove Machine"

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There aren't an awful lot of pink albums in the world, I have only two of them in my collection, and I must admit they are easily reached for when you want to put on whatever music. Which is a good thing because although a very fine pop record I would not pick it out of my music cupboard quite as often given it another colour. But when I do it's very likely I'll put up some Marychain the same day. I would not want to go as far as comparing the two bands in depth, but they undeniably breathe some of the same atmosphere. Wonder Stuff doesn't demonstrate feedback and fuzz, but created its own kind of guitar violence that helped forming the English eighties' so-called alternative pop scene. The ballads have always struck me most on this record, peaking with the enchanting "Rue the Day", the moving "Some Sad Someone" and the album's probably best known track "Merry Go Round", although "Poison" comes pretty near the perfect angry young man song hence makes a pretty good candidate, too, for best album track. I can understand why Wonder Stuff is too punky for mellow pop ears, and too mellow for punky pop ears, and it's sad but true as hell that the band seems to lose some of its wonder with every new album, nevertheless they can be considered unique pop archive stuff, and they're likely to attire some new fan every now and then, still. Some dissappointed Gallagher freak, a Joy Division - New Order - Monaco die-hard renouncing one fine day to die hard, one never knows who'll find old stuff for the first time, merrily making up for the lost time...

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juist ja, juist.
OK dus

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