Dead Can Dance - "Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun"


album cover
Dead Can Dance performing

Jaysus it’s hard choosing my favourite Dead Can Dance record. On the one hand these folks don’t really seem to produce anything bad. On the other hand a sampler won’t do for an introduction as it misses out the unique atmosphere of every album. In a lot of record shops the band is filed all too easy under new wave. Although new wave fans are likely to get a crush on Dead Can Dance, the band offers a lot more than just dark stuff. Instrumentalist Brian Perry’s performance is stupendous - singer Lisa Gerrard’s voice is awesome. Middle Ages’ tunes get intertwined with ambient pop and Arabic influences, making Dead Can Dance an incomparable band that anyone with a heart for romantic beauty should check. The only similar band that springs to my mind is Bel Canto, This Cortal Moil maybe, although those bands have always seemed more confined to me. Together with the Pixies, Dead Can Dance are the pride of 4AD, and really, that’s no wonder.

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