Sonic Youth - "Evol"


Evol album cover
Kim playing

I wasn't at all instantly attracted by Sonic Youth. Let's say I made a polite listening effort because my best friends were into grunge, while I was into the Madchester scene at the time. So my friends offered me Goo, but I finally came out on the less noisy "Evol". It's rather strange how I've always tolerated -yes even sought after- the fuzziest britpop while American music pleases me most when its calm. "Evol" is "love" inverted and not really far from "evil" itself, in a way that it's not meant to be soothing or poppy or anything like it. It constantly pushes the boundaries of its own sound, which leads to an album with a sweaty atmosphere of restlesness that would perfectly do for a thriller road movie. If the Pixies are the yell, this Sonic is the sigh that precedes that yell.

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edfeil Sweatiness is just one of the feelings - there is the drive, expressed by all the fuzz in the guitars, and the undefinable guitars of Lee. Evol was my first Sonic Youth record, but it hasn't seen a lot of dust since I got it.

Gepost door: i-koen | 03-01-07

edfeil, that's a word to remember, neoki.
thanks a lot for dropping by. ninguem.

Gepost door: ninguem | 03-01-07

tehgilræjk ...is the norwegian title of the album. Or to put it personally, "jeg elsker deg".

Gepost door: neoki | 07-01-07

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