Ride - "Nowhere"



There is one splendid undiscussed thing about the British early nineties indie scene, and that is the fact that whenever a new awesome band emerged, critics would argue that with this band the scene had finally reached its originality's boundaries. But then Ride's debute "Nowhere" emerged, which seemed to take the scene's limits and sound even further, without any real immediate novelties in the music. Merging fuzzy guitars and dreamy vocals into catchy pop tunes once again, Ride was the next British band that would use the proven recipe, adding its own spice to it and ruling the scene for some months, being in the midst of attention instead of "nowhere" for a big while. Fifteen years later, the album still stands. Gloriously.

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Indigo Girls - "Closer To Fine"


I have not been moved to tears often at gigs, so I find it most bizarre it happened twice to me on the same festival. It was on the reknown Belgian folk festival Dranouter. It must have been around 1993 if I can control my memory leaks well, first hearing Michelle Shocked talking and singing overtly of the rape she had been a victim of, later that night listening to the perfect harmony of Indigo Girls, presenting their "Closer to Fine" album material mainly. The entire album is very fine indeed, but the first three tracks are outstanding in a way of virtuosity few folkpop songs had reached before.

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[intermezzo] Virgin's Mega Music Muscle Teaser

Cool as fuck. Can you spot 75 bands in this picture? Click image to enlarge. Click here for answers. But don't give up too soon.




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