Mylo – "Destroy Rock & Roll"



Destroy Rock & Roll isn’t exactly rocket science music, but to begin with I can appreciate anything that destroys rock. I’m more sort of a pop man and I won’t be looking for any excuses for it. Rock is easy, just any sound is good, as long as it makes noise. Pop is meant to be catchy and that (in Dutch, my mother tongue) is another pair of sleeves. Moreover, being an island man, I find it is so cool that Myles "Mylo" MacInnes is from the Scottish isle of Skye. I hope the so-called "Saviour of Dance", as which some internet sources hail him, isn’t at his peak yet, as not any track is absolutely flabbergasting, but "Muscle Car" is a piece of art that even the likes of Moby doesn’t write anymore these days. But then again why should he? It’s in the record store, ready to buy. He probably did. And so should you.

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