Putumayo presents - "Women's Work"

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Vonda Shepard

Incredibly few women on this musiblog, so I’ve come to realise. A shame, I know. We’re living in a democracy after all, aren’t we. So let me draw your attention to this fine Putumayo compilation. Bluntly a various artists sampler has to be pretty damn fantastic if it wants to get into any top list. There is so much rubbish out there that it has to stand out. This one is startling. Without any exception every song you hear presents a strong and super female track. No real celebs here, which makes it all the more surprising and fresh. After having listened to it over and over again, I can only remember the name of Vonda Shepard, most known for her performances in the cellar bar of the equally fine American attorney film series Ally McBeal. All others featured on the disc are relatively unknown. Relatively, because talent will always be blurred by cheap R&B and lousy sell out stuff just as much as it sticks out. Sure, like any compilation, it’s meant to be a showcase. But a showcase that will leave you desperate as to what full length of which artist presented on it to buy first. If you can’t decide, just try another Putumayo sampler. I don’t exactly know what Putumayo means, but it sure stands for good quality.

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